Event Store Cloud GA is coming!

EA is underway and GA will be available in September 2020. To begin with we will be staggering onboarding for GA by invite-only basis so we encourage you to register your interest below!

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What is Event Store Cloud?

Event Store Cloud is a multi-cloud software as a service (SaaS) delivery platform allowing customers to subscribe to, and manage Event Store service offerings via an API and an easy-to-use web console. Customers can provision services, and connect these services securely to their own cloud resources.

Cloud Service for EventStoreDB

A fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to build and run highly available and secure applications that incorporate EventStoreDB without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. Fully compatible with the existing EventStoreDB database product enabling customers to easily adopt the solution.

Event Store Cloud Early Access is now live!

Early Access (EA) is now live and we're starting to onboard the first participants.

There has been tremendous interest. At this point the EA program is full and we will continue inviting and onboarding EA participants throughout July and August.

General Access targeted for September 2020

General Access (GA) is targeted to start in September and will start in a staggered manner by invite-only to assure we can provide the best service.

We encourage you to register your Event Store Cloud interest if you would like priority consideration for GA.

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Features of Event Store Cloud

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Automated provisioning to AWS (Amazon Web Services).

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Automated provisioning to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Microsoft Azure (coming soon)

We expect to deliver automated provisioning to Microsoft Azure in October 2020.

Managed EventStoreDB

Provision EventStoreDB clusters on demand and connect clusters to your chosen cloud infrastructure provider. Other features include: automated vertical scaling, disk resizing, cluster version upgrades, and cluster health management.

Access control

Event Store Cloud features a policy based access control system that can be applied to an organization and project bucketing model allowing for fine grained access to provisioned resources.

Backup and restore

Cluster snapshots may be created on demand or scheduled to support your data protection policies. These snapshots can then be restored to a new cluster on demand.


Estimation of monthly cost is provided per resource prior to creation. Previous month, month to date, and projected month estimate are provided, as well as the standard access to monthly invoices, and the configuration of payment methods.

Alert console

Manage notifications for Event Store Cloud and Managed EventStoreDB events as they occur. Filter and push notifications to third party integrations like OpsGenie and PagerDuty.

Activity log

Audit Event Store Cloud and Managed EventStoreDB access and resource changes or deletions by member and service accounts.


Event Store Cloud provides a first class API for automation. A Terraform provider is currently provided, and Pulumi provider is on the way.

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Latest news on Event Store Cloud

The Road to Cloud: Part 1

Zachary Schneider,

We made it! Event Store Cloud is now in Early Access. In this post, we will share some information about what we have built and what decisions allowed us to execute at a rapid pace with a small team.

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Event Store Ltd Announces Managed Event Store

Zachary Schneider,

Managed Event Store provides a highly available, and fully managed Event Store stream database service. Today Event Store Ltd announced, as part of the Event Store Cloud product line, Managed Event Store, a fully managed service for the EventStoreDB stream database. The new offering makes it easy for developers to build and run highly available and secure applications that incorporate Event Store without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. Managed Event Store is...

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Zachary Schneider joins Event Store as Head of Event Store Cloud


On Monday, February 10, Event Store CEO Dave Remy announced that Zachary Schneider will join Event Store as Head of Event Store Cloud. Schneider has played a key role at a number of companies designing, building, and operating streaming data platforms, software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and database as a service (DaaS) product offerings, Remy says. Most recently, Schneider served as Director of Site Reliability at Instana and previously held...

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Feb ‘20

Recruitment for Cloud team

  • Zachary Schneider joins as Head of Event Store Cloud

Feb ‘20

Development begins

  • Core features and functionality
  • Applications accepted for EA participants

Jun ‘20

Early Access launches

  • First customers onboarded in AWS and GCP

Sep ‘20

General Access targeted

  • Starting with staggered onboarding by invite-only
  • Automated provisioning to AWS and GCP available (Azure to follow)

Oct ‘20

Azure provisioning targeted

  • Automated provisioning to Azure
  • A separate EA phase will be run for Azure


Additional features

  • External authentication providers (OAuth and SAML)
  • Pulumi provider automation
  • Managed EventStoreDB release upgrades
  • Ability to empty a database
  • Cluster health dashboard