Download EventStoreDB

Download the latest EventStoreDB binaries for your chosen platform or find links to the package managers you can install from. Scroll down for client SDKs and previous versions.

Installation instructions

EventStoreDB Server

Stable releases

EventStoreDB 20.6.1

Released: 28 September 2020 | 


EventStoreDB 5.0.9

Released: 15 October 2020 | Read 5.0.9 release notes


Client interfaces


The .NET client API is available on NuGet. The package name is EventStore.Client.


The JVM client using Akka is available on GitHub or Maven. The repository is EventStore.JVM.


Coming soon - EventStoreDB client SDK for Golang.


Coming soon - EventStoreDB client SDK for Node.js

Past versions of EventStoreDB Server

Visit our GitHub repository to download previous releases that you can build from source.