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As all of us who have released production software before know, if something totally rare and unseen will happen it almost always happens the day of release. In our shared career histories, we’ve personally seen many such examples: routers going bad, disks failing, servers with bad memory, admins blocking the ports you use on the firewalls, admins switching from two-phase to three-phase commit on the DTC (why did we increase in latency by 40%?!), and...

Ensuring writes – multi-node replication


We have gotten the question very often how the multi-node version works with replication. After typing it up about five times in email I figured it might be valuable to do a longer write-up that we can suck into our documentation (and a blog post). One could quite easily put the Event Store Open Source version running on a virtual machine with data storage on a SAN. If the first machine goes wrong for some...