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Amazon EC2


We went through the process last night of setting up Amazon EC2 nodes with the Event Store running on them. This post is a quick tutorial of how to do it. First when setting up your node add to the security group (we did a t1.micro running ubuntu 12 to start with). 22 (SSH) 1113 2113 Now bring up your node. The first thing that you will need to get is mono....

A useful piece of code 1


Updated November 25th, 2015 to fix broken links to code on GitHub. One of the great things about having gone OSS is that we can highlight very useful pieces of code inside of the Event Store that are now available with a 3-Clause BSD license. In other words pieces of code that are now available for you to use if you want to. Today let’s take a look at a namespace most people have probably...

Greg Young launches Event Store


The recent launch of the open-source version of Event Store - a rock-solid, super-fast persistence engine for supporting Event Sourcing - has been received with considerable interest by the developer community. Greg Young gave a presentation to the launch event’s 77 attendees, covering the challenges the Event Store team has been able to overcome, the software’s architecture and some of the patterns used. Commercial products including full support, a multi-node version, and rack-mountable appliances were...