Event Store packages for Amazon Linux 2


Event Store packages for Amazon Linux 2

An Event Store Commercial package for Amazon Linux 2 is now available!

Changes moving from Amazon Linux 1 to Amazon Linux 2 Packages

Phasing out support for AWS Auto Scaling groups

Running Event Store in AWS EC2 Auto Scaling groups (ASG) is no longer a recommended practice because ASG can end up simultaneously or near simultaneously deleting all instances

To learn more about running Event Store clusters, read this guide.

Systemd instead of System V init system

As of Amazon Linux version 2, System V init has been replaced with systemd service and systems manager. Event Store is now started using systemctl instead of initctl

  • Enable Event Store on Startup
    systemctl enable eventstore
  • Start Event Store
    systemctl start eventstore

Event Store not exposed on external IP by default

Event Store does not run on an external IP by default anymore. Additional configuration is needed to access Event Store on public IP & DNS after opening ports in EC2 Security Groups as follows :

IntIp: <Private IP>
ExtIp: <Private IP>
IntHttpPort: 2112
ExtHttpPort: 2113
IntTcpPort: 1112
ExtTcpPort: 1113
IntHttpPrefixes: http://*:2112/
ExtHttpPrefixes: http://*:2113/
AddInterfacePrefixes: false
DiscoverViaDns: false

A Private IP can be fetched using an Instance Metadata query for scripting this process.

PRIVATE_IP=`curl --silent --location`

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