Event Store Ltd is a company that develops EventStoreDB, a stream database built for Event Sourcing, and offers consultancy and support services worldwide for businesses looking to implement Event Sourcing within their systems architecture.

Our mission

To free the world's data, currently either lost or trapped in traditional database technologies, and transform modern enterprise's most valuable asset, data, into real-time actionable streams.



Greg Young releases Event Store (now called EventStoreDB)

  • Open-source database for Event Sourcing
  • Commercial Support


Event Store v2.0 released

  • Added authentication and security
  • Support for environment variables and config files
  • Better AtomPub compliance


Event Store 3.0.0 released

  • Support for high availability clustering
  • Added in-memory and embedded modes
  • New admin user-interface (UI)


Event Store 4.0.0 released

  • Projections improved and now a supported feature
  • Custom Javascript projections now support ECMASCRIPT 6 & 7
  • Direct IO now supported in the transaction engine


Event Store 5.0.0 released

  • Increased server stability
  • Performance optimizations to projections
  • Significantly improved write/read speeds and idle CPU usage on Linux

Team growth

  • Leadership team formed
  • Development and support teams expanded


EventStoreDB 20.6 released

  • Changed name to EventStoreDB ([read more](/blog/name-change-eventstoredb/))
  • Move to .NET Core
  • New gRPC clients for Java, C#, Node, Go, and Rust
  • Added support for server-side filtering

Investment and expansion

  • Hiring of back office teams
  • Continued expansion of development and support teams


EventStoreDB was first developed back in 2011 by Greg Young, a pioneer of CQRS and Event Sourcing. This was done in a joint effort with BathASU, a pharmaceutical compounding company based in Bath, UK. At the time BathASU had a strong business case for adopting Event Sourcing and hired Greg to help them build a new system. Rather than build “yet another event store”, as Greg had done on many previous occasions, an open-source project was started and the resulting Event Store database was made available in 2012.

Due to demand, Event Store began offering a commercial support option and slowly grew a strong customer base of organizations such as Walmart/Jet.com, Xero Accounting Systems, UK NHS (National Health Service), checkout.com, and CERN. Since that time, EventStoreDB has been deployed in thousands of production clusters, running mission-critical, high value, web-scale workloads around the world.

In late 2018, Event Store saw increased evidence for the potential of Event Sourcing’s impact on the development of modern distributed systems. Event Store decided to expand investment towards a more ambitious vision across multiple areas including:-

  • Advancing the database technology itself
  • Improving documentation and usability
  • Expanding the scope towards the larger context of what is needed to build event-sourced systems
  • Substantially improving operability (including cloud base services)
  • And much more

To accomplish this renewed ambition, Event Store substantially grew its development and support capabilities and will continue to grow over the coming years.

The results of this growth can already be seen with the upcoming EventStoreDB 20.6 release which is packed with improvements and features including:-

  • Move to .NET Core 3.1
  • New gRPC clients for Java, C#, Node, Go, and Rust (with more to come)
  • Server-side filtering
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

This release is just the beginning of the next phase for EventStoreDB. The underlying Event Sourcing data model is gaining increased traction and recognition, and although historically it has been difficult to build and run these types of systems, especially at scale, Event Store wants to make it easier.

Event Store looks to provide a world-class database technology on par with the top database technologies in the industry. And alongside this, plugins and tooling for every major programming stack to help developers and operators successfully implement and run distributed systems.

Event Store Cloud, releasing later this year, will be a key milestone in the effort to get up and running with EventStoreDB. It represents one of the key initiatives you will see as EventStoreDB moves forward as an increasingly relevant and important alternative database technology for modern applications.

Event Store is growing, so if you are interested in participating check out the careers page or consider participating in other ways such as joining our guest writer program, contributing to the open-source project, or speaking at meetups on EventStoreDB or Event Sourcing. If you have any other ideas, feel free to contact us!

Meet the team

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    Dave Remy

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    Daniel Warren
    VP of Sales & Marketing

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    VP of Engineering

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